Lifting Equipment Versus Manpower

Published: 06th February 2012
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Why should you buy a piece of lifting equipment when manpower alone can do a similar job? Or can they? That is a very good question and one in which we will explore within this article.

So first of all let us take a look at the question; which is the best, manpower alone or a piece of lifting equipment. There are various issues to consider when deciding the answer to this question, but the safety factor is probably the most important thing to consider, this is due to the fact that we live in an extremely safety conscious world nowadays and employers are even more conscious of the fact that protecting employees from potential accidents is not only a legal requirement but of the upmost importance to protect them from any possible libel claims and therefore costs.

The safety benefits of using a lifting gear device far outweighs the advantages of manpower alone. It is common knowledge that lifting any object in an incorrect manner can result in potential injury, most of us have pulled a muscle or hurt their back or neck at sometime due to lifting something incorrectly or just it was too heavy. The most frequently seen injuries are neck and back associated. Utilised correctly a lifting device of some kind will cause little or no strain over the human skeleton, this is because the device used will take the weight of the load as well as in some cases manouevre it as well, so there will be minimal risk of injury if the device is used correctly.

One of the other frequent questions often raised is the cost of buying lifting gear devices Versus hiring extra manpower. Let us look at this more closely. A member of staff will incur costs of their basic wages and perhaps pension contributions etc. A lifting device will have the buying cost in addition to potential running, repair and servicing costs, which are often minimal depending on the type of lifting device chosen, however there are some other issues that will need to be taken into consideration; for example, imagine if the employee is injured and perhaps recuperation will be lengthy they could be absent from work long term; this will incur costs of sick pay as well as losing that persons manpower whilst they are not working, giving you less productivity, and therefore costing even more money as a result of deadlines not being met or needing to employ extra staff just to get the job finished on time. We all know that time is money! Imagine if the employee suffers an injury, lifting at work, not only will you incur the costs mentioned above there is also the possibility of a claim against you for insufficient safety, these payouts might be huge and could knock the confidence in your company; Can you afford the risk?

An added benefit of utilizing a lifting equipment device is that they can lift objects that would otherwise be unachievable for a human to lift, and will be lifted much quicker too.

Manpower does boast one key benefit over the use of a lifting gear device, this is their diversity, individuals can usually perform many different tasks whilst a lifting device will probably be more limited. But this benefit will hugely depend on the task or tasks which are required and the lifting device chosen.

So what's the answer, manpower or a lifting gear device, I suppose the answer in reality lies with the individual, nevertheless with regards to the safety issues i would think that the use of a lifting device would be of more benefit.

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